The centre of interest in almost all short stories is the dynamic interaction between characters how they change and influence each other, 10 unbelievable death story and the effects of the actions on each other. This unbelievable narrative also describes God's perfect set up in organizing for His Son Jesus Christ to come to our world in the flesh, to go to the cross to die for each of the sins of humankind - thus restoring our divine connection back to God the Father and developing us entry into paradise when all of US die and cross over.

As an effect of the one disobedient action, all of mankind had to be born into an imperfect fallen world subject to death, corruption, demonic spirits and bad and wicked those unbelievable death story who have picked with their free wills to live this life on the dark side - therefore causing untold pain, death and misery to countless individuals throughout the ages.

In effect while writing the story in much the same we have to embrace the personality of the fundamental character, way an actor embraces the personality of the character he's unbelievable death story playing on stage. There's never any need to describe a character simply for the sake of it. Like everything else in the story characterisation is simply relevant insofar as it contributes to the plot, and should be done through actions.

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