All advertising is about telling a story, and storylines that are credible sell. It has been understood to increase sales by comparing the product making a properly managed brand more favorable in the eyes of the investor. Folks from another country will trust the Residency Hotel even though they have not been there just because of the mom brand the - 'International Hotels' group.

This is why corporate homes spend millions of dollars annually marketing their brand all over the world. An established brand will find favor among consumers that will not be unwilling to trust a brand new product without many questions being asked under the same brand. Brand direction may also make the brand stand out when placed among other competitive brands and will attain all the aforementioned stages effectively. This makes brand management even more difficult, and at the same time, gets the confidence of the consumer readily.

This can be one example of brand management and is placed under Brand Management Architecture. This direction includes instilling a certain degree of self-confidence in the heads of present customers the quality they expect from architecture of brand the line of products of this brand can be expected to continue. For this reason practically every business has a section looking for infringement of the brand.

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